Planning for the Unexpected and End of Life

To help you prepare your plan we guide you through important information and ask about your preferences and legal choices, if there is a time in your life when you are unable to make your own decisions and about distribution of financial and property assets and care of loved ones, after your death

This provides clear guidance for a lawyer to document your decisions in appropriate legal documents, which may include an Enduring Power of Attorney and Guardianship, Advanced Care Directive and of course, a Will.

When you have appropriate end of life legal documents in place, you can be reassured that your rights and wishes will be respected when the time comes,, because they are properly documented.

Start your End of Life Plan
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An End of Life Plan is more than a Will, it is about protecting you and your family, if while you are alive you are unable to make legal and financial decisions and after your death
Use our easy, online end of life planning questionnaire for FREE, it is in plain English with helpful explanations and information, to guide you through considerations and issues that could impact on you and your family
Select a lawyer of your choice to review your plan and finalised valid legal documents for you
Appoint financial, medical and lifestyle decision makers, for circumstances when you cannot make your own decisions
Give direction for who gets what, from your estate, after you die
Nominate guardians for children and other dependents
Ensure your pets will be cared for when you no longer can
Decide who will manage your digital assets, including social media accounts
Protect your genetic assets and rights during your life and after death
Setout your preferences for medical care and treatment when nearing end of life
Make clear your funeral wishes and organ donation status
Get it done quickly, use mobile signing and witnessing of your legal documents
Secure e-vault for storage of all your important paperwork
Update your end of life plan and related legal documents easily, if your personal situation and relationships change
Secure access to your legal documents for appointed decision makers and Executor from anywhere, when needed