Safekeeping for your important paperwork

It makes sense to keep all your important paperwork and documents in one place to make it easy for your decision makers and Executor to access when needed.

In the past, it was typical for people to keep their important documents in a locked box or safe at home or perhaps with a bank or lawyer. But these days because of our mobile and complex lifestyles, new technology can better protect our vital information and control how, when and who has access to your personal and important documents.

How does it work?

All files uploaded  to your e-vault are on ‘ice’, as non-editable, archive files. Unique multi-factor authentication ensures you are the only person that can upload or remove documents in your e-vault.

You can give access for designated decision makers to view your documents but they cannot add, edit or remove any file. A one-time use code must be entered each time your vault is opened.

Important paperwork

is uploaded to your e-vault

All your vital paperwork and documents can be uploaded to a secure, online vault space as archive files, and are only accessible by authorized persons.

Authorise access

for your decision makers

Create access permission for those that you decide should have access to your vault. If anyone accesses your vault you will be alerted.

Access your e-vault

when the times comes

If you become seriously ill or have deceased, your loved ones and legally authorized persons can access your e-vault, easily, securely and from wherever they are at the time, and when this information is needed.

Personal information and documents you should keep protected but make accessible when needed:
• Birth certificate
• Marriage certificate
• Your Will
• Enduring power of attorney
• Guardianship
• Advanced Care Directive
• Life insurance policies
• House deeds
• Home and contents insurance
• Deeds and insurance policies for any other real estate you own
• Bank account details
• Superannuation papers
• Investment documents (securities, share certificates, bonds)
• Medicare number / card
• Medical insurance details
• Pensioner concession card
• Papers for any pre-paid funeral arrangements.